How to Make a Cuckold Relationship Work

The cuckold relationship is not for everyone, and not so many people are familiar with it. A green hat can mostly be defined as a man who dreams of watching his wife's sexual relationship with another man. Sounds weird, right? Ok, like a threesome, this is a superstition. The difference is that this special trick is accompanied by so many embarrassments.

More is the relationship of a green hat: this is not a trio, the woman gets the same satisfaction from two men: no. There must be one male in action while the other is watching and getting happy by watching women being satisfied with Alpha males.

Cukold relationship

The agenda for this relationship is to let Alpha show a sexual superiority to the second male, which may also be called beta. If you don't have a green hat relationship and you feel that you and your partner may be able to embark on one, then the following points are worth considering whether it is successful.

Must have trust and loyalty

This is the only way to get a Crow relationship. Through trust, people can achieve this degree of openness to maintain this relationship. If you have a question of trust and embarrassment, the cuckold relationship on the turtle dating site can only break your relationship, not promote it.

Enter it for the right reasons

As mentioned earlier, this is a impunity that may be accompanied by embarrassment. Therefore, you better not just because you want to see your woman with another man, not sneak into it. It must be based on agreements and strengthen your relationship.

Don't use the same bull over and over again

You need to change the bull once. Otherwise, it will start to appear as if you have a chemical reaction with a man. Moreover, this will make your husband become greener. In addition, it is no secret that the Bulls started to connect with their wives. Keep in mind the biology of some hormones that increase the chemical reaction released during sexual intercourse. Changing the Bulls will also make things warm.

Making cuckolding more than just a voyeur role

If your husband is watching on the couch every other day, he may start to get out of the whole experience. Why not give him a different role, such as recording an encounter.

Tell the truth

It may be a part that may be easily overlooked. However, you must talk to your partner before and after the experience. You need to understand what your partners think about it. Please note that cuckolding can end your relationship, especially if it is unstable. Don't let it reach this point. Make jokes about the whole test to keep the light.

Don't back down

Once you decide to join, don't back down. Do your best to play your part. If you want to be the wife of the ruler, do it perfectly, if you want to play a humiliating role, have it!

When you start to feel embarrassed, think about other options.

Last but not least, if you feel that you are overwhelming you, think about alternatives. For example, if your wife is not with you, she should be addicted to it while you are away. These ideas are more comforting than you might expect.

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